How to Seduce Women

Thousands of men badly want to tune their minds to a channel that will teach them how to seduce women.
Let’s imagine the following situation: she is pretty and you want to be with her. And you are trying. In fact, you are trying so hard, everyone can see it. If you really want to seduce that woman, stop doing this immediately. You have to make her believe that your intension is not to take her to bed, or you will never succeed. Women don’t like straight words, when they are about sex. There are exceptions, of course, but those other type of women do not need seduction at all :) .

How to seduce women for beginners

Be confident and calm. Try to make yourself look secure and make funny jokes. Women like when a man knows what he is doing, and will come to you herself without you chasing them. When you prove to a woman that you are all she ever wanted to be a man, she will be so attracted she will come to you herself. When this happens, start flirting with her. Use your body, not your mouth. Most women need to create more intimate connection with you, before they want to come to your bed. In fact almost all women want this. Don’t push her very hard. Try using the push and pull technique – when you see she is starting to know what you do, stop. Let her go after you, when she thinks you’ve lost interest.

What to do when you have her attention

When you have the interest of the woman you want to seduce, start talking with her. Find the subject you both like to start a conversation. There is no normal woman in this world, who wants to go in your bed before she actually likes you. When she find out you have interests in common and she feels good talking with you, she is all yours. Be careful not to ruin that. Women like mysterious powerful men, and not just someone who wants to tell them all about his life and expectations at a go. Do not tell her all about yourself and don’t let her “read” you. If she starts, you will never succeed to seduce her. Hope this point helps you on how to seduce women.

How to control the process

Do not put your whole strength only to control the process of seduction; you have to be in control of everything. Not like telling her what to do, but like being the man that knows all the answers and solves all the problems for her. Women can wear trousers nowadays, but there is no woman who does not want to be a princess and someone to take care of her, even if she will never admit it. Do not let her feel you like her. When women know some man likes them, they start feeling powerful and lose interest. And that is exactly the thing you don’t want to happen. Try to hide your intentions. Let her think she is the one that wants to be seduced and she just lets you do it.
If you want to know how to seduce women nowadays, you have to be inside her head. You have to make her ask to be with you now, and not give her the reason why not.

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