How to Please a Girl

Everyone will agree that girls are strange creatures because it is hard most times to know how to please a girl the right way. Sometimes they are too shy to ask for something, sometimes they look like they don’t care what you do in the bed… and some other things. But, they will remember anything in the morning and they will definitely tell their friends. Can you imagine? So to pleasure a girl properly is often elusive to men. If you live in a society, where a good name is everything, or you just don’t want to be “just a regular guy” in the girls’ eyes, you will have to do something and learn how to please a girl.

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What to do to please a girl

If you really want to make a girl happy, you will have to take it slow. Men are not often worried about the foreplay, but girls really need this. If you give her enough time to feel ready for you, you will feel better too. No one likes a dry vagina, neither the boy or the girl. Remember to be creative – don’t do the same things next time when you are together, monotonous routine can kill everything. If worked the first time, it will probably work the second. But to change your tactics once in a while is the best in the art of how to please a girl.

What mistakes can we do when we try to please a girl

One of the most common mistakes men do when they want to please a girl, is thinking too much of it. If you are so desperately trying to make her have orgasm, she can get bored. What you think you know about women’s body is not equal for all the women in the world. Some of them are less sensitive than others, and some don’t like what others do. The best thing you can do, and you will never be wrong, is just exploring her body. See what her reactions will be and make your plan. Try to figure out what turns her on and do it. Let her see you are here for her pleasure and you will do anything to do it right. Do not worry; you will have your attention later. And never, really, never ask her how it was.

Don’ts when you want to please a girl

If you are with a girl for a first time, do not bite her. You don’t know if she will like it or she will be scared. No woman likes to have signs of what she did, unless she is proud about it with you. Wait until she wants to show you to the world. If your lose rhythm, don’t try to get it back, Change your position in a natural way. If you want the girl to be on top, women like to feel like they are too irresistible for you. When it’s all done and over, never say “Thank you”. That can make her feel awful, especially if this is your first time together.
If you want to please a girl, look for the signs. Every woman is different and all you have to do to make her feel good is look at her body’s reaction and use it.

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