How to Pick Up Girls

You want to know how to pick up girls? You have always wondered how to do this the right way? Some people think this is a gift, a talent, and you can’t learn how to do it. Here is the news: everyone can pick up girls as long as you follow these easy rules outlined below.

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Girls are everywhere for pick ups, not only at the bar

You don’t have to think you can pick up girls only at the bar. Girls are everywhere and they want to meet with a good man. You have to do something original if you want to have the attention of a beautiful girl – she knows she is pretty and everyone is telling her that. If you try a different technique, you will be more successful. Talk to her as she is one of your friends; say something funny and she will remember you. Be just a normal guy; don’t try to look like a superstar if you are not. Girls know when someone likes them and are feeling very good when they see this man is comfortable with it. You don’t have to tell her hundred times she is pretty, do it one time, but do it when the right time comes and it will take you closer to picking her up.

What to do after you meet the girl

If you’ve managed to start the conversation well, don’t lose your advantage. Be fun and confident, be the man she wants to be with. The next step is simple – ask for her number, and if she’s not sure about giving it, make some joke about it. Say you have to go somewhere and you will call her. If she does not want to give you her number, try asking for e-mail or how to find her Facebook profile. When you have the information, say “bye for now” and go away. Text her later and do not call before next day. She has to have time enough to realize she want to go out with you, if you are too pushy you will scare her. Try to do something she will remember, and in the other day use it when you call. This is the way you will avoid awkwardness to explain who you are when you talk to her on the phone.

Tips and tricks – how to pick up girls

Don’t look needy. Be calm and confident, and wait for her to want to be with you. You will have to make her believe she is the one who wants to pick you up. You have to be the man that has other things to do, but you choose to be with her, just for a while. Make yourself look interested, don’t be the guy who is waiting to call her. If you are fun and good listener, you will have success. Women like when they know you are listening to them when they talk. That makes them feel interested and they want to do it again.
How to pick up girl is not so hard, if you know what to do. If you want to be successful, you have to be the man they want to be with.

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