How to Attract Women

Almost every single man on planet Earth thinks he needs to be super rich, super handsome, and to drive a super car if he really wants to be the don in how to attract women. And that is kinda true … the only problem here is this: the type of women you will attract that way are those that are mostly very materialistic(gold diggers). And, the real question here is how will you keep her interested in you for a long period. Hope you have lots of cash :)

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If you want to attract a woman, understand how she thinks

Every woman in the world wants a real man. There are no exceptions, no excuses, just the facts. The trick here is that the woman of the XXI Century knows what type of man she wants. She wants someone strong, someone who knows how to live well and has a purpose in his life; someone who will lead her and others. The woman of the XXI Century wants to be a princess or queen just like all the women who lived in the past. She just will not say it out loud. So, you will have to know all this and be able to manipulate it in your favor. It will help you in the game of knowing how to attract women.

Be funny and keep her interested

There is something really attractive in a man who knows how to make women laugh. And that is because not all women laugh about the same things. The woman you are with will feel and love your personal attention if you shower it on her with moderation.  She will be flattered and she will want more. When you already have the attention of the woman you like, remain interesting. Find yourself a hobby, or just something you are good at, and use it to keep the fire between you two. Women get bored easily, don’t think that when you win the first battle, you already have the victory. How to attract women has never been completely easy for men over the centuries.  Keeping a woman interested is one the most important thing in the the art of attracting women. Remember that advice always even if your relationship continues or not with a woman you have picked up. A woman always wants to be deeply interested about her man. If she is not, she goes to try someone else.

Don’t be “boring” but “mysterious” if you want to attract women

To be “boring” or not “mysterious” is the most awful persona you can wear when trying to attract women. “Boredom” is not what a woman needs to see, and she will definitely not be attracted to that. “Who you are” i.e. your real persona would come after wedding, giving birth to children and perhaps after getting old. There is no man in this world who is as interesting as a woman wants him to be, and there is no woman that is as perfect as the man want her to be. Everything in our world is illusion; it is all about “You see what you want to see”. When a woman is already attracted to you, she will not see all your flaws for at least couple of years. And, if you are still together, it will be too late for her to do anything.  All you will have to do is make her feel special at least once in a while.

To attract women you have to be funny, interesting, and a wonderful man. You have to be someone who knows how to take care of himself and how to care of her.

If you apply these tips correctly, how to attract a woman will cease to be a problem for you hopefully ;)

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