How to Attract a Girl

You like girls, but you don’t really know how to attract a girl by making yourself interesting to them? You want to know how to attract a girl without doing anything? Here we will talk about how to attract girls naturally.

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What to do if you want to be interesting for a girl

First of all, give a radiant smile. This is the best thing you can do to be noticed. Be sure it is a natural smile, and then pull your eyes out. Try again after few seconds, and if you find her looking at you, you will know this is your first success. Play with your eyes. Do not stare at her; just show her you are interested. If you have her attention, try starting a conversation. Do it in a natural way – just say “Hi”, don’t try to act and be someone who you are not. Girls feel it if you like them, and hate if you are playing a jerk. Be nice and gentle, and make her feel like you are really care of her, without looking needy.
This will be your 1st step in how to attract a girl.

How to make conversation with a girl

There is only one rule in this: listen to her. When she is talking, wait for her and try to understand what she is saying. Ask questions, this will make her feel important and she will know you are actually listening, not just staring at her boobs. Say something about yourself, but only when she is already finished her sentence. Make her talk about herself, girls love to do it. Try to be funny in a good way, and be confident in what you say. Girls like when the boy knows what he wants and how to do it. If you are dressed good and clean, and you are funny and smart when you talk to her, she will remember it and eventually want to go on a date later in time.
Applying this will you in how to attract girls, infact not just a girl.

Talk with her like she is one of your friends

Don’t try too hard to be “the man” for her, at least not in the beginning. Talk with her about funny subjects and make jokes. Make her feel like she is part of your gang, and make her want to be something else. Try to pull back for a while if she sees your interest, don’t show it. She has to think she is the one who started everything and she is in control of the situation. Make yourself someone interesting. This does not mean to be someone who you are not. Just point the things that describe you in the best way, your hobbies and activities. Try finding something you both like and use it like a start.

If you want girls to be attracted to you, try making yourself the one they like. Go deep into their heads and be the gentlemen they want to see. Don’t ever ask for their attention – remember, women like strong man, and a strong man has all the attention without doing anything. Be all she ever wanted a man to be, and she will be yours.

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